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Marriage Certificate Attestation Philippines

If you are looking for marriage certificate attestation services, you've come to the right place. ND Universal offers attestation and legalization of marriage certificate from the authorized department of the state or country with their official seal and signature. Attesting the marriage certificate is the act of authenticating the marriage certificate ensuring that the certificate is genuine. Attestation of the marriage certificate requires to be completed first from the home country of the applicants from where it has been issued and later from the foreign country, where the applicant wishes to migrate or travel. For the document apostille attestation click here.

Marriage Certificate attestation requires proof of probation by the doctors. Marriage certificate attestation certificate for abroad is issued by the hospitals from all states and union territories in India. In order to get the certificate attested from MEA, the marriage certificate need to be legalized from State Authorities, from where it is been issued. Home Department/General Administration Departments are the designated authorities for Marriage certificates Attestation. Once the stamping is done from GAD the certificates are then sent to Ministry of foreign affairs for their seal. Click here for attestation service website.